Where’s my ark?

On Tuesday evening as the rain was pouring down and the forecast was for more and more and more, I took a few quiet moments to remind myself that there was nothing I could do so getting anxious about it won’t help.  Breath in, breath out. Ahhhh.  Of course I couldn’t completely stay in my zen state the whole week as our little veggie farm turned into a rice paddy.  In the middle of the night when a squall would pass through and make a thunderous racket, I would be conscious enough to incitefully think, “darn!”.

Well for all of my anxiousness, I think that Down to Earth Farm will be just fine.  The field is a mud pit in many places, but since we use raised beds most of the veggies are not underwater.  I included a photo of one of the sad results of too much rain on tomatoes.  The description I have read for the tomato cracking phenemenon is as simple as the inside of the fruit expanding faster than the outside.  Moderating the irrigation will manage this.  Ten inches of rain in three days, apparently, is not ‘moderating’.

Well the forecast for tomorrow is not ideal, but the Riverside Art Market and Green Markets are Rain or Shine. We and other local farmers would greatly appreciate you venturing out and supporting us even in these conditions.  We will be up at 5:45 harvesting delicious fresh veggies regardless of the weather!

This week we will have lots of delicious greens -kale, chard and vitamin packed amaranth, tasty crisp cucumbers, squash and zucchini, fresh dug new potatoes, fresh basil and some glorious snapdragon and zinnia bouquets.

We will only be at the Riverside Arts Market this week due to a wedding of some of our close friends in the evening!

Thanks for your support!


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