Higher ground

Well, darn.  I wrote last week about my cautious optimism concerning the rain that fell in biblical proportions on our little farm.  After writing that message, it rained a few more inches and then we had nearly 90 degree temperatures at the beginning of the week.  The wilting of our tomato plants would be a perfect graphic representation of the state of my optimism.

I had illusions of harvesting all the way through the end of June, but that will no longer be the case.  Mother Nature has moved the end date up a bit, but I guess that is the nature of farming.  On the sunny side of things, there have been a few lessons learned.  For our low lying land we will be increasing the height of our raised beds next year by at least a few inches.  We will also pull our carrots and potatoes out of the earth sooner if there is to be prolonged rain (we lost a great deal to rot).   We are also requesting donations for a ten story geodesic dome to cover our entire property  (Ha!)

Listening to all this sadness and disappointment you would think there wasn’t going to be a  market this Saturday.  Well we still have some tasty veggies growing and we will bring them fresh to the Riverside Market on Saturday.  This week we will have more of those unbeatably crunchy cukes, colorful zephyr and patty pan squash, japanese and white eggplant, highly nutritious amaranth greens, and a few baskets of our sungold tomatoes. We will also have some gorgeous zinnia bouquets and both edible tangerine gem marigolds and squash blossoms.  For those who have never tasted the delicate divinity of the squash blossom its definitely a must try.  We fried them in a neutral oil stuffed with some chevre and basil battered in pancake batter.  Wow!  Here are a few other recipe ideas on this link, though I admittedly have not attempted them myself.


We will not be able to make it to the Green Market this Saturday but will be back next week if anything is still growing.  Thanks as always for your support.  See  you Saturday!


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