They want my blood!

I know what you are thinking.  “Those Down to Earth Farm folks got it easy.  They just throw some seeds in the ground, wait around a bit, pluck out the veggies and make a killing at the market.”  Well I was pondering this good life this morning when I was out picking a few handfuls of those delicious and diminuitive sungold tomatoes.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t alone to ponder, I was accompanied by 1.2 million of my worst enemies: mosquitos!  With Kristin, Olivia and my schedule, often the only time that I can do any outside work is early morning or early evening.  Of course these are the perfect times during the day to be pierced dozens of times by these obnoxious flying phlebotomists.  My best course of action has been to over dress for the occasion with long pants, long-sleeved shirt, boots and hat. (80 degrees with 100% humidity by 9 am!) This leaves my neck, face and the backs of my hands vulnerable to attack.  We have an all natural spray that uses rosemary oil and lemongrass that I’ve used many times.  I can’t know for sure but I think that I noticed a therapeutic and calming effect on the mosquitos who suck my blood through this aromatic concoction.  We have also tried spraying mouth wash.  On Monday morning I sprayed enough Listerine in my vicinity  to cure bad breath on a stegosaurus and it didn’t make a lick of difference.  Of course there are the deet-based sprays.  We just purchased a bottle of the 25% variety but I have hesitated to use it.  But as I scratch my head and realize that the skeeters have written legible braille messages in my scalp, I will not dismiss the possibility.    Please let  us know if you have any suggestions for fending them off responsibly– we’re willing to try (almost) anything!
As we are still in the Post-Jennifer Era, we will not have the ability to  be in two places at once this week.  We will be setting up at the Green Market in Jarboe Park and not at the Riverside Arts Market this week.   I know that I made it seem a bit dire when describing the state of the farm in past messages, but a few things are still growing  despite all the water these poor plants have had to absorb.  Most importantly, we will have a number of pints of our tasty little sungold tomatoes.  In addition we will have baby roma (juliet) tomatoes,zephry and patty pan squash, white and purple eggplant, amaranth greens, cucumbers, edible flowers, zinnia bouquets and a few canteloupe.  Additionaly we will be bringing a few boxes of delectable squash blossoms for your gourmet cooking needs!
The Green Market is from 2-5 pm.  Please come on out rain or shine! and bring your bags.  Also please know that  we welcome any and all recycling of pint containers (green baskets, clamshells, etc) :)  Drop them by our booth and we will gladly repay you with a hug or a handshake (your choice!).
In Peace,
Brian, Kristin and Olivia

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