Free Child Labor!

Farm Greetings!

A couple weeks ago we had the privilege of hosting some forty students from the River City Science Center, a charter school on Southside Blvd. I had agreed many weeks before to this, but as the date approached I got more and more nervous. Agreeing to host kids is one thing, but these kids are fourteen years old. Ninth graders! What was I thinking! Awkward, rebellious, inept–all appropriate adjectives to describe myself when I was that age and I just agreed to let a small army of them overrun our little farm. Hmmm. Well, if River City Science Center kids are a representative sample of our youth today then are civilization might just hang on a little bit longer. From the moment they arrived, the young adults were considerate and engaged. They were filled with lots of questions (an inordinate number relating to chicken’s mating habits) and were impressively savvy about some of the downfalls of our modern conventional farming system. When it came time, they were eager to work. I fretted about finding tasks for forty kids, but luckily they worked cooperatively on glamorous tasks ranging from rock picking to sifting compost to breaking garlic cloves to weeding. At one point (and I am only a little bit ashamed to admit this) I even called on a couple of students to manually turn a sprinkler head back and forth that had ceased turning on our just-planted strawberries. They didn’t even complain (at least not out loud to me!). It was an honor to share our farm with them and to benefit from their energy — I swear their positive vibes helped the plants grow an extra inch that night! Now just don’t alert the authorities to our large scale violation of child labor laws. Capiche?

It was nice to be back at the market last week. We will be heading to both of our beloved markets this week. Riverside Arts Market from 10 until 1 and the Beaches Green Market from 2 until 5 pm. (Hooray!) We hope to have a variety of greens including our tasty fresh spring mix, zesty arugula, hakerai salad turnips, red russian and dino kale, bunches of dill and cilantro and a few heads of pac choi (a lovely asian cooking green). We will also be bringing a handful of herb plants for sale. Also, check out Kristin’s lovely homemade cards featuring her farm photography — a great way to send a kind note to a friend or loved one!

Thanks, as always, for supporting local food!

In Peace,


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