Casting Call


Many folks have wondered if we were going to add any livestock to our little farming adventure. Of course we added our chickens a few months back, but more than one person has advocated for some more cuddly animals to be thrown into the mix. Well we have happily given in. On Wednesday we welcomed 3000 cuddly composting worms into our little family. Olivia has not quite named all of them yet but she will not doubt find clever monikers for each and every one!

We have started a very limited venture into the vermicomposting realm. We ordered three pounds of the little fellas from a worm farm in Tallahassee and they arrived in a surprisingly small box. Jon had constructed an ambitiously large bin for housing them, and after preparing bedding from torn wet newspaper we released them into their new home. Their food is our decomposing food waste, and a little more than a day into our worm farming experiment they seem to be enjoying their vittles. They quickly moved down from the newspaper bedding and wrapped themselves in the rotting kale stems, egg shells and other culinary delights that make up our kitchen compost. (Yum!) We ordered two varieties, the classic red wigglers and the sleek skinny european night crawlers. They seem to coexist peacefully despite their differences. We are not sure what scale this will take on for us yet, but we would love to harvest pounds and pounds of their lovely nitrogen rich castings. For right now we will just hope to keep them alive through the weekend! (a slightly washed out picture of them settling in to their new digs is below)

This week we will be venturing to both Riverside Arts Market and the Green Market at Jarboe Park. Our harvest will include some bags of salad mix, mizuna, bunches of red russian and dino kale, tender baby arugula, locally grown lemons, cilantro and dill. We will also bring some herb plants and our first strawberry plants of the year! We have beautiful healthy strawberry plants that are in one gallon pots. They are easy to grow (we will include a little ‘instructional sheet’) and make lovely gifts. If you do decide to make a gift out of it, then you should pick up a lovely hand made farm card photographed and crafted by Kristin.

Please know that both markets are rain or shine and that veggies don’t wait for better weather!

Thanks for your support of local food!

Brian, Kristin, Jon and Olivia


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