Rooster attacks!

Hello Local Food Lovers!

Maybe its been our warmer than usual December, or maybe the stars are just misaligned, but our chickens have gotten a bit crazy. The hens have been getting out in record numbers and running amok all over the garden. The soft just-tilled soil on the west side of our farm is comically covered by countless lines chicken foot prints trailed by my big sunken foot prints made in  hapless pursuit. The birds have gotten faster, smarter and darn near impossible to catch. The biggest problem, though, has been Fabulous Mr. Rooster. Two weeks ago Jon started telling me that our beautiful preening rooster had it in for him and was trying to do him bodily harm. “It’s a bird, for goodness sake, toughen up farm boy!’ was my thought. Unfortunately, Fabulous Mr. Rooster got more aggressive and started to draw blood on Jon’s legs. We all knew it was serious when Jon, a vegetarian, started talking excitedly about chicken soup. I had assumed through the last two weeks that Fabulous Mr. Rooster would not dare be aggressive toward me because of all the good things that I have done for him. You know, I’ve raised him since he was a week old, I feed him almost every day, and I even sing to them from time to time. In hindsight maybe i shouldn’t have ever done the latter of those three because the little devil came at me with all of his might yesterday. The confrontation did not go well because I was wearing Crocs that flew off with my attempted kicks of self defense. This morning he kept up his shennanigans as I was changing their water though I did clock him a few times with a length of PVC pipe. I’ve read on a couple blogs about ways to ‘break in’ aggressive roosters. We’ll see what we come up with — though we are open to chicken soup recipes!

This week we will be at both Riverside Arts Market and the Beaches Green Market. Last week’s weather was particularly miserable –we were awful cold, wet and lonely under our little tent:( We hope for better conditions this Saturday but we will be there rain or shine. Our harvest this week will include our lovely salad mix, some zesty arugula, mizuna, green oak leaf lettuce, dill and cilantro. We will also have out healthy and happy herb plants and one gallon strawberry plants. Purchase them with Kristin’s homemade “veggie” cards featuring her pics of Down to Earth flowers and veggies to make a lovely gift. If you know you want some strawberry plants (they’re $4 each) give us a heads up with an email and your phone and we will make sure to bring enough. We also (maybe) will have some fresh squeezed oj or grapefruit spritzers for market — it depends on our neighbor’s tree :)

Thanks so much, and don’t forget to bring your bag to market!

In peace,

Brian, Kristin, Jon and Olivia


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