Our Frozen Farm

Hello Local Food Lovers!

Let’s think about all the good things that come about because of unrelenting winter freezes. Ummmm.  Errrr. Well, its really fun to slide across frost-covered grass in your sneakers. And the winter sky is sparkling and clear for fantastic star gazing. And our daughter, Olivia, looks particularly adorable when she is bundled up and pink-cheeked. And its a joy to pile on layers of cozy blankets and drink hot chocolate. And, glory be, no mosquitoes!

Admittedly the constant hard freezes are a little bit tough to deal with, but one cannot sign up to be a farmer and expect the weather to be perfect all the time. Each morning when I look out at the farm, the wilted rows of broccoli and kale sag like animals that have had their bones removed. Amazingly by midday their proper structure is mostly returned and they are given new life when the afternoon temperatures soar into the upper 40’s. Some of the plants, mostly our romaine lettuces, have not been making the daily resurrections. We’ve taken some measures to help out our plant friends. We have covered up our strawberries, cauliflower and beets with a spun cloth row cover. We have also tried to run the irrigation regularly to keep the ground moist because wet soil can hold more heat than dry soil. These techniques can only save you four or five degrees so if it dips too far below freezing its difficult to prevent damage. We are optimistic that we will come through okay, but it will be a few more days to determine how well these precautions have worked for us.

Our chickens, incidentally, seem to have no problem with the cold weather. We put some hot lights in the coop but they don’t even roost near them, and seem to be perfectly content. I can’t tell if I think chickens are dumb or smart birds. Their recent behavior has me leaning toward the former, but the jury is still out. . . .


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2 Responses to “Our Frozen Farm”

  1. Dave Says:

    You guys are popular. Glad to see you at RAM this weekend!


    • downtoearthjax Says:

      Thanks for the shout-out… yesterday was a lot of fun. We felt the love. Great blog – keep it up!

      peace, Brian and Kristin

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