The Cutest Sprout

Hello Local Food Lovers!

It has been a good while since there has been a dispatch from our little organic farm. The hard freezes of two weeks ago were one reason for that. My vast two and a half years of experience did not give me a full idea how ten days of hard freezes was going to affect our different crops. The cycle of wilting and revival brought on by the temperature swings was tough on the plants and.some didn’t survive, some survived but look like they wish they hadn’t and some seem to scoff at the Florida winter. To have this variation among different plant species makes sense (kale handled the temps better than romaine, for example), but it is fascinating and even a little maddening when it happens within one variety. We have one example in our tiny patch of broccoli raab where half of the plants died, a couple have recovered their leaves and one stud of a plant is bright green and is emitting scores of glorious florets. Needless to say we will save seed from that dude.

But apart from the boring problem of the weather’s vicissitudes, we have been slightly distracted by the arrival of our beautiful new daughter, Abigail! She was born at midnight last Thursday and is prettier than Spring’s first ripe tomato. We are all doing quite well- Kristin is an amazing mom and Olivia is showing that she is a fantastic big sister. A special shout out to Jon who has been shouldering pretty much the entirety of the farming since Abigail has arrived and has done a marvelous job. I’ve included a photo of our little Sprout below.


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