Cardinal Sin


One of the usual joys of our little two and a half acre farm is the abundant and diversified bird life. On one day alone last week we saw countless robins flaunting their red breasted pronouncements of spring, a red headed woodpecker pounding a tribal rhythm on the upright remains of a pine tree, and a red shouldered hawk blocking the sun for the blink an eye with its beautiful wing span. Yes, from mocking birds to cattle egrets there have been all varieties of birds that make us look up from our weeding to admire them. I was even initially tickled when a gorgeous male cardinal seemed to be temporarily trapped in our greenhouse. I tried to open the sides as wide as possible to let it fly out, but the witless little bird just kept knocking into the clear plastic roof. After a couple minutes I decided to just let it be and assumed that it would find its own way out and it eventually did. This was still a fond memory for me until the next afternoon when I was checking out our precious seedling trays. I haven’t been swindled too many times in my life, but discovering whole trays of sunflower and cucumber seedlings devoured and littered with seed remains, I felt like I helped an old lady across the street only to realize later that she swiped my wallet. I suppose I will still enjoy the vibrant bird life on our farm, but now my joy will be accompanied by the tiniest bit of suspicion.

We will be at FRAM (9-12 under the Fuller Warren bridge) this Saturday with a healthy supply of our delicious greens. We will have red russian and dino kale, fresh cut spring mix, sugary sweet broccoli shoots, a few bags of tender baby turnip greens, vibrant heads of oakleaf lettuce and a delicious culinary oddity — garlic scallions. Use these beautiful stalks (greens and all) in any dish that calls for garlic and you will be pleasantly surprised. We also have a few of our “never ending salad bowls” for sale as well as our last three or four strawberry plants.

Remember to bring your bags!

In peace,

Brian, Kristin, Jon, Olivia and Abigail


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