Greenhouse Pondering

Hello Local Food Lovers!

Near the end of January we seeded our first spring trays of vegetables–tomatoes (black cherries, sungold, yellow pear and crimson plums), eggplants (3 types) , sweet red peppers (2 types), summer squash (four varieties), acorn squash (two kinds), swiss chard and basil. Oh yeah, also sunflowers (two kinds), callaloo, cut flowers (about 8 varieties), sorrel, marigolds and some lettuces (three types). I waited a bit longer than usual to start this bounty because we had just experienced one of the coldest stretches in recent memory and almost all of these varieties like it nice and toasty. Every morning I walk through the greenhouse to see how all our little babies are progressing and look for overachievers or for warning signs of disease or distress. Well, our little hot house is packed to the gills with plants that are crying out to go in the field. In a world of limited resources, my most scarce is probably time. Which is ironic because I will sometimes stare at these precious little veggie trays for interminable amounts of time trying to decide which is the most important to get planted out. Questions like, “which tray is the most rootbound?”, “where will this fit in the crop rotation?” and “why in the name of all that is holy do I have 400 squash plants?” jump around in my little mind. Our first season we were much more scripted and did lots of math equations to determine where everything would go and exactly how much to plant. The gods and goddesses of gardening got a good chuckle out of that bit of hubris. Cut worms, crazy weather and poor seed germination have reinforced my ‘non-plan’ plan to plant a whole mess of stuff and then organize the survivors. As we begin our third Spring we are excited about the abundance of potential that is stored in our greenhouse, but we just need these goshdarn freezes to stop! Feel free to send some warm prayers our direction!


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