Olivia: Farm Girl, Strawberry Fiend

Hello Folks!

We are just two years into our little farming experiment, and it is easy to say that the magic of the experience has not worn off. My daily walks up and down the rows are still enthralling to me as I see broccoli heads balloon in size or the stark white curds of a cauliflower appear overnight. But I didn’t anticipate how much more joyful and magical it is to share that experience with our daughter Olivia. Of course, there are drawbacks to indoctrinating an almost three-year-old into small farm life. The most notable is that she is a strawberry fiend and has gotten pretty good at spotting the biggest, reddest and sweetest ones from yards away. And since our berry patch hasn’t peaked yet, there are only a few ripe ones at a time, so I find myself negotiating with my daughter to have even a taste of one of the fruit. The losses in the strawberry patch are more than made up for in the kale patch. For some reason, Olivia has only moderate interest in kale once in enters our house. “Your parents are organic farmers for Pete’s sake, please eat your veggies!” we point out with minimal success. But outside that precious little girl will happily lean over a kale plant and tear off huge mouthfuls like a contented heifer in spring pasture. It’s quite a sight to behold! And nearly as cute is watching her “feed” the chickens. She often doles out one yogurt cup of grain, a teaspoon at time, while sing songing “here chickens” over and over to the exasperated flock struggling for the tiny portion that Queen Olivia has offered up. It is satisfying to see that she is so comfortable out on the farm. Now I am just counting the days until I can put her on tractor duty:)


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  1. Kim Kowal Says:

    Our neighbors are members of your CSA and we would like information about joining.

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