Our Spring Miracle

Hello Folks,

This weekend we will be marking the Spring Equinox, though the budding red maples and mulberry tree in our yard told us about the coming season change a few weeks ago. The perfect crisp weather and extra sunshine to bathe has put a little extra spring in our compost shoveling. We are filling up the field slowly but surely with an array of tasty spring delights. This time of rebirth and revival got us excited to take in some more baby chicks to add to our little bird family. We picked up these little ladies on Tuesday evening, one dozen silver laced wyandottes, a breed the nice lady at Standard Feed said would grow up to be beautiful and well tempered egg layers. We had a nice large container to house them in transit from the store, and at a stopover at a friends’ we put a little plastic container of water to make their rubbermaid house feel more like a rubbermaid home. All is well, I assumed. Unfortunately chicks need to be kept at a reasonably warm temperature especially when they are very young. When we got home they were all doing fine except for one poor little bird that had apparently flipped the water bucket over on herself. She was cold and dripping wet, laying on her back unable to move. I flipped on the heat lamp (one of the few good purposes for those old school incandescent light bulbs) and held the trembling almost lifeless bird up to it for warmth. I momentarily considered mouth to beak resuscitation, but the baby chick started moving a bit (she also started steaming a little like a fresh baked potato–those 200W bulbs put out some serious heat!). We were not out of the woods yet, though, as the little sweetheart still could barely stay on her feet and had no interest in food or water. I figured something that weighed about as much as two paper clips tied to a cotton ball didn’t have a huge energy reserve to rely on, so Jon and I sat with the her and tried to hand feed her and dip her beak in water over and over and over until she took it. Eventually our miracle chick took some food and water and by morning she was as perky and happy and chirping a melodious chick symphony that resonated throughout her rubbermaid home. A story book Down to Earth Farm happy ending !


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