Super Farmer Dad

Hello Locavores!

Early this week I had a grand moment where my roles as an organic farmer and father of an adorable infant came together magnificently. The balance of these roles (along with others such as “husband”, “ultimate frisbee player”, and “kitty litter box cleaner”) is not always easy. On Monday though, I placed my content and cooing baby Abigail in a carrier nestled against my chest and ventured outside to check on our squash plants. Within a few moments she was sleeping soundly. The squash, however, were being overrun with pigweed and needed attention. What to do! Well, it won’t work all the time, or even most of the time probably, but for about an hour I freed those squash plants from the tyranny of an invasive weed while simultaneously comforting my newborn daughter with the sound of my beating heart. Wow! Super Farmer Dad! This is somewhat tongue-in-cheek ,of course, as my brief stints of working with an attached baby have made me think in awe about women all over the world that work in fields with their newborns. Truly amazing……..

The farm is continuing to look more wonderfully chaotic as our spring veggies (and their weed counterparts) are really taking off and the cooler weather crops are drawing to a close. Much of our broccoli and all of our arugula have gone to seed so they have sent up huge stalks of white and yellow flowers. In one sense this is sign that I need to clear them out and prepare for the next crop, and in another sense they are lovely flowers and its nice to just enjoy them.


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