A good walk spoiled


What could be more joyous and fulfilling than a cool morning walk though the rows of veggies still wet with dew? And what could be more life giving than hearing the haunting sound of a morning dove singing nearby and breathing in air perfumed the with the sweet scent of honeysuckle blossoms clinging to the surrounding trees. Ahhhh. And what could be more painful than brushing my leg against a giant specimen of stinging nettle as I am savoring a farm walk? Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! Our farm, most unfortunately, is home to scores of very crafty nettle plants that lay in wait, huddling patiently under a kale or chard accomplice and then shooting its poison arrows into its unwitting victims. A number of folks have heard me whine about our scourge of stinging nettle and have taken the glass-half-full approach by mentioning that nettle has numerous medicinal properties like improving circulation and fighting arthritis. Unfortunately, the internet (specifically a UF website) state that my stinging nettle. known as heartleaf nettle has little commercial or medical benefit. However it did mention that this indigenous plant delivers more toxins through its stinging hairs (known to some by the catchy name urticating trichomes) and is more painful that its nutritious cousin yippee, And you thought being a farmer was all fun and radishes!


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