Head-sized Squash


The farm is absolutely bursting with amazing produce at the moment, The tomato plants are six inches over my head and heavy with green fruit, the cucumber vines are crawling and scaling over everything they can get their tendrils on, and we have stands of pigweed that are so robust and laden with thorns that you just want to roll a BP executive around in them (I’m kidding!). Our farm tasks have been mostly reduced to harvesting and weeding, and both are far more time consuming and more constantly neessary than I seem to remember from prior seasons. Yesterday evening I told Kristin I would be back in just a minute, because I have to pick the squash. I returned a mere two hours later, arms covered in squash scratches and grinning from ear to ear to as I carried a hard-earned bucket of patty pan squash bigger than my baby Abigail’s head. (there is photographic proof at the bottom:) It’s a wonderful time of year!



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