When we are thinking about bugs here at Down to Earth Farm (and, yes, we do often think about bugs) we are almost always thinking about how they affect our crops and our farm. We use terms like “beneficial” or “pest” to label the critters as good or bad or as crop eaters or crop defenders. But apart from lacewings and aphids or lady bugs and army worms, we are occasionally reminded about the beauty of biodiversity for the sake of biodiversity. Our most recent reminder came two evenings ago when, for the first time in our two years here, the night lit up with magical glowing beetles: fireflies! Kristin and I have longed to have fireflies make a home at our farm ever since we moved in two years ago. We never saw them, and I even considered buying firefly larvae to populate our 2.5 acres. A little research quickly showed that this was a bad idea, as fireflies are threatened in many parts of the world and people poaching firefly larvae could irreparably harm their respective population. So, many spring nights we would gaze out over our dark farm and think how lovely it would be if our field was instead glowing like a cosmic bowling alley. The arrival of our bio-luminescent friends was so exciting to us that we pitched our tent behind our field and watched their dynamite mating display for two hours (the tent was to avoid the downside of biodiversity–mosquitoes!) . I don’t know for sure, but I would like to take their presence as a sign that we are doing a decent job taking care of our little patch of earth and maintaining its diversity.


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2 Responses to “Fireflies!”

  1. Christine Says:

    I came across this while googling “fireflies in Jacksonville.” Are you talking about Jacksonville, FL?

    • downtoearthjax Says:

      Yes, we had fireflies here in Jax, Fl. Unfortunately its been a couple years since we’ve seen them on our property. The drought has been the problem….

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