In the Eye of the Beholder

Hello Folks!

About three weeks ago our garden looked amazing. It wasn’t the White House garden or anything (Go First Lady!), but the rows were nice and neat, and the veggie plants were all vibrant green with new growth. Now many of our veggies are past middle age and they are spilling into the rows, ruining those pleasing sight lines and creating a bit more of a wild jungle feel. The squash and cucumbers have used up their alloted territory and are invading neighboring beds (our cucumbers rebelled and would not stay on their trellis!) . The potato plants were four feet tall, upright and adorned with flowers, now they are yellowing and splayed all over the adjacent marigolds and cosmos. The red russian kale was a brilliant blue-green strip but is now awkward looking as big spindly bolts of pale yellow flowers are poking out at odd directions. Of course, the garden still looks amazing in my biased opinion, but the ninety degree mid-day heat and the plants themselves are reminding me to enjoy the bountiful harvests now because Spring in Florida is brief, indeed……….


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