Fringe Benefits


Sure, you get tired after a long nine-month farming season capped with hot cloudless summer days. The breezes seem to get fewer and farther apart, and the sand gets so boiling hot it seems like it might turn to glass. But in this time of abundance, its easy to find solace munching on a sungold tomato that is still radiating solar warmth. Or devouring a refreshing, crisp cucumber that was hiding under the coolness of a canopy of leaves. Or wandering over to our young blueberry patch and finding half a mouthful of those little blue jewels. Some might consider it just snacking, but to me its my number one job perk :)


2 Responses to “Fringe Benefits”

  1. David & Liz Slover Says:

    Liz and I sent an e-mail to about signing up for this years harvest if you have any shares left. Maybe you didn’t get the email. Any way we were hoping that we could get added on this year. Hope you and your wonderful family are doing okay, and we will see you soon.

  2. Dave Baldwin Says:

    Glad to hear you’re getting started with blueberries! I hope you have as much luck with them as my parents have… seemingly endless berries year after year with almost no work! (Well, no work except the picking!) Just make sure they get plenty of water, or the berries won’t be very good, but not too much water!

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