So Long ’til Fall!


Each day we have been moving a little bit closer to the end of the season. We have pulled up our irrigation tape from almost all the rows and chopped down some of the most diseased plants. We mowed and tilled a few of the beds that were completely spent. By next week most of the farm should be tilled and the cover crop sewn. It is a little bittersweet as today is our last harvest of the season and tomorrow is our last market. While we will miss the exciting energy and camaraderie of market, I am particularly looking forward to getting the farm back together. At the beginning of the season everything is in its place and our field is like a clear green slate. Through the course of the season Farmer Brian manages to spin it into farmy chaos and make it impossible to tell the difference between our greenhouse, shed and wash tent for all the stuff I let accumulate in them. Summer is a time for us to feed and rejuvenate the soil with a cover crop of cow pea and millet and to feed and rejuvenate ourselves with a few trips to Florida springs. We wish you a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you in the fall……..


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