I still have strong memories of learning about Thanksgiving from grade school. Of all the imagery of feather-hatted Indians and Pilgrims sporting buckles galore, I recall the concept of the benevolent natives teaching the naive newcomers about how to farm. Specifically, I remember the drawing of a crouching and smiling Indian placing a single fish (signified as dead by the telltale ‘x’ for an eye) at the base of a corn plant as a the pilgrim in his starched suit looked on with surprise and curiosity. Even as an elementary-school age kid I remember wondering, “why don’t you just eat the fish?” I suppose maybe the graphic of one fish to one corn plant wasn’t exactly accurate, or maybe the whole tale is fictionalized. I have no idea. But this week, appropriately, I channeled our Pilgrim and Indian ancestors by using fish emulsion as I transplanted 300 broccoli plants. I occasionally use the product in our greenhouse if seedlings are looking a little nutritionally challenged, but i read recently that a shot of fish emulsion can help plants get over “transplant shock” which is a period of a number of days when the new plant will show no or very limited growth. As our season has been developing slowly as it is, I figured I would try to give our little fellas a boost. You may have assumed that fish emulsion differs ever so slightly from what was used by the smiling Indian. Well, it smells as fanstastic as any product that is derived from blenderized fish waste ever could. Hmmm. I wonder how many people I just scared away from our vegetables? If that grosses you out forget about it and just think about the composted manure fertilizer we use. Man I’m terrible at this marketing thing……..



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