Goof Bugs!

My tomatoes, eggplants and basil have been officially pronounced dead.  This first freeze, much earlier than last year, prevents me from unrealistically hanging on to summer too long.  I guess one must be content with a freeze in December……
My farm highlight this week (in case you were wondering!) was while Olivia was helping me set up some of our irrigation.  Because our beds are not always in the exact same place, the drip tape is not always in the same spot so we have to plug up some of the holes.  Olivia was in charge of wielding the pliers as we snapped in the “goof plugs’ that filled last years holes.  When I told Olivia that the little plastic pieces were called goof plugs she couldn’t contain herself.  “Daddy, why are they called goof bugs?” she asked through her delightful giggling.  I don’t know why some things make us laugh so uproariously, but I found Olivia saying ‘goof bug’ to be one of them.  It was a bit of a struggle, as we were laughing and flinging accusations (“no, you’re a goofbug”  “No you’re a goofbug!”) but the 3 year-old and this very proud daddy finished repairing the irrigation hose!

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