Many Farm Hands Make Light Farm Work

Wet Winter Greetings!

One of my very favorite things about having an organic farm is that it seems to attract wonderful and amazing people. In the last few weeks alone we have been privileged with an array of folks stopping by to lend  a hand and dig in the soil.  On Friday we had a bumper crop of four folks that were helping to plant out strawberries (Replant, actually.  That is a sad story to share another time.).   The planting was a bit tedious but we were (in my humble opinion) a fine crew that worked cohesively ferrying plants from the greenhouse,  digging holes, filling holes with zoo doo, watering, planting; laughing and enjoying each other’s company all the while.  One of the absolute highlights was watching one long-time friend of the farm get up from his work a handful of times and cut at an odd angle across the field, head cocked in concentration.  I myself am not a “birder”, but watching my friend enthusiastically confirm a visit by a carolina wren and a blue breasted gnatcatcher made me wish that I was.  Even more, it made me wish that my vision wasn’t so terrible that I couldn’t tell the difference between a titmouse and a flying shoe………
Our little farm has been steadily recovering from the series of hard freezes, and the lovely rains that have fallen in recent days and weeks have brought even the most moribund of cabbages and broccoli’s back from the brink.  Our harvests are still relatively small (and will be for a little while longer) but when I gaze out at the field and the burgeoning rows of green  I see a lot of hope and potential!

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