Compostest with the Mostest

I have said this before, but the key to good organic farming is good compost (and a loving wife with a job that supports your farming habit, but I digress). The more compost you have and the higher quality it is the better your plants will grow and the better they will fight off bugs and disease. Simple, eh? I always supposed that there was more than one technique for making compost, but a while ago we discovered the wisdom of J.I. Rodale who published a 700 page book about composting. From the shape of your compost pile, to what you put in it, to which micro-organisms you invite to the party, there are oodles of composting options. Here at the farm we got very excited about “14-day compost” because, frankly, we want compost and we want it now! The 14-day method is supremely labor intensive as we hand turn our piles every four days, because the more often you aerate the pile (which is what turning does) the faster it breaks down and the richer it is in nutrients. Now with all of Rodale’s writing, he never suggested the best secret of compost turning that I have figured out here at the farm — have your intern do it. Thanks Jenny! (By the way if you are having your intern turn all your compost piles, make sure you show lots of appreciation. First, because its the kind thing to do. Second, because after a few weeks she is going to be strong enough to bench press an electric car and you don’t want to be on her wrong side)


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