The Funky Egg

Hi Folks!
There are so many things that I didn’t learn about farming until I started farming.   To say that I am training on the  job is all well and good, until I realize that when I ask my boss about about how to farm properly he just laughs and points out that I’m talking to myself again. Hmmmm.   Anyways, one of the things that I knew very little about was chickens.   I was ignorant on everything from the role of the rooster to the whole egg laying production.  I am much more well-versed now that we are two years into chicken husbandry.  One surprising fact was that hens don’t lay eggs all year long, even though my desire for an omelette for breakfast does span the whole calender.  It turns out that hens (most varieties, anyhow) decrease their egg laying as the daylight shortens and then increase it again when days begin to grow longer.   So now that the day length is increasing our hens are obeying their genetic commands and have begun pumping out a higher volume of eggs each day, which is super cool for us.  I bring up our chickens and their lovely eggs mostly as a segue to talk about a funny thing that happened when I went to collect the eggs a while back.   The routine of collecting eggs is typically that,  a routine, as I merely have to lift up the lid of the nesting box and then collect the eggs off the straw bedding and then I’m on my way.  Well on this occasion after collecting the eggs, I happened to notice something strange of the floor of the coop.   At first I thought it was a balled up piece of paper which seemed quite out of place.  But as I got closer to it and then picked it up I realized that it was a super funky egg.  It was like an egg with an extra shell but the extra shell was twice too big and was just balled around the actual egg exactly like a piece of paper. Its quite an oddity. *a photo of it is below). I scanned the hens in the run to see if anyone was showing any signs of distress or limping or anything as it seemed that this would have been at least slightly uncomfortable to pass this out of their body.   I have googled this but not seen anything like it.  If anyone knows about this phenomenon please share your story!…….



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