“You’re a farmer!”

Kids say the darndest things.   Yesterday, while swinging in a hammock, Olivia (our three-year old) and I were talking about jobs and work.  We were talking about what some of our friends do.  Then to me she offered, chuckling, “Daddy, you don’t go to work, you’re a farmer!”    I think she might have been referring to my rather short commute to the office, but possibly she just meant that what I do is too fun to be called work.  Both interpretations work just fine…..
The farm is really moving along as we are racing to turn over our fall/winter crops to make room for the fruits of spring.  It’s always a struggle for me to till in a crop that is still producing even the smallest amount of food.  One bed of collards and broccoli from August was still doing well enough, but the farming world can be cut throat so I  had to  chop it down to make room for patty pan squash and zucchini.  It was harsh but we did make about five gallons of broccoli soup.  Its a bit of a dance to  pack everything that we want to grow on our little one acre.  Every year is a little bit different, (Continuous 80 degree days in February?  Seriously?) so timing things is always tricky.  Each year it works out, and our winter patchwork of greens turns into a very pleasing array of spring colors.

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