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It has been an action packed week on the farm as we have planted hundreds upon hundreds of little seedlings, turned compost, thinned and weeded carrots and jump started our tractor at least half a dozen times.  It is unfortunate how much productivity and time  gets eaten up fixing and dealing with equipment, but until we enact my master plan of getting six backup tractors, four backup market vans and a herd of oxen, then we’ll just deal with our slight misfortunes as they come……..

Market this Week
Well after a few very calm weeks of FRAM, the hustle and bustle of RAM is upon us again.  The market runs from 10am until 4 pm but we are usually done by about 1pm so please find us early!  We will be on Farmer’s market row (the row closest to the Red Cross building). Please look for our Down to Earth sign amidst all the glitz and glamor of opening week!
My girls and I spent a wonderful afternoon playing at one of Jax’s lovely parks.  The three of us climbed to the top of the jungle gym and were greeted by a young girl a little older than Olivia, our three and a half year old.  The girl was sporting a tiara and quickly asked us if we knew why she was wearing it.  Without a pause she said she was wearing her “crown” because she is a “principal” and that this was her office.  Olivia, unfazed by her high stature, risked insubordination by observing the gigantic 20 oz. Pepsi in her hand, “Our family, the Lapinski’s, doesn’t drink those kinds of drinks. They’re not good for you.” I would have hoped that we  taught her a little more tact, but by golly, she pays attention to ol’ Mom and Dad!  The most fascinating part was that the girl was first defensive pointing out that soda tastes really good.  A few moments later she hurled her half-full (half-empty?) bottle off the two-story jungle gym where we had just slid down the twisty slide.  We asked the Principal if she wanted it back and she called down saying, “No, but you can use it for a project if you want.”  We passed up on this intriguing suggestion.   Believe it or not, this is a segue to talk about our fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and grapefruit spritzers we will have at the market.  Come enjoy a glass o Florida sunshine free of high fructose corn syrup!
As for our veggies, we will have many beautiful and scrumptious heads of heirloom romaine and classic green romaine as well.  We will also have a few bags of our colorful salad mix and bunches of those improbably good brussels sprout greens.  We will have plenty of bunches of scallionsdill and cilantro for those who are feeling herbacious.  We will have lots of broccoli heads from our friends at KYV organic farm.  In addition we will have those peppery daikon radishes, sweet cabbage and dino kale for your culinary enjoyment!
Finally we will have some healthy heirloom tomato plants:  Brandywine and cherokee purple varieties this week.  We will have a few more including black prince, green zebra and  moskvich next week.  We also have a few of our “Never Ending” salad bowls which are both delicious and beautiful.
Thanks so much for your support!

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