We love UVM

How many people are so privileged in their life’s work that folks routinely offer to help??  Not a whole lot, I’m pretty sure.  On Monday we had ten students from the University of Vermont show up to lend a hand at the farm.  Now if your reaction is “they came all the way from Vermont just to work at your farm?”  that would be a legitimate reaction.  They originally were committed to help get a new amazing organic farm off the ground called the Veterans Farm.  According to their website, “The Veterans Farm will be a place that veterans can work and enjoy being in the outdoors. The farm will provide a place of sanctuary as well as help them regain that sense of purpose in their life while working on the farm.”  If you have a moment check out their site. 
Unfortunately there is still a lot of land grading and tractor work needed to be done at the Veterans Farm so they weren’t able to put the ten eager and able students to work.  But I could!  In the span of about six hours we cleared piles and piles of brush, weeded a couple hundred feet of beds, planted about three hundred plants and even painted a mural of a strawberry.  It was totally awesome!  If you happen to come across any other roaming bands of college kids feel free to send them our way….


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