Where did the spinach go?

Weeds, weeds, weeds.  You have heard of eating in season but how about weeding in season?  Up until the past couple weeks weeds have grown slowly enough to just be a nuisance but a couple of our plantings have disappeared in a dense weed jungle canopy.  But just like veggies have their favored time of year, our weed friends wait until conditions are right to pop up– and so the gently low growing winter weeds are giving way to the vigorous and aggressive spring weeds.  Tall spikes of sourgrass, medieval spires of thistle and dense patches of pigweed remind me of weeds that I missed last year and let go to seed.  One pigweed plant alone (a thorny variety of amaranth) can shower our farm with 400,000 seeds that seem to be all coming up in our cucumber bed at the moment.  It’s a battle that I have ignored amongst the dozens of daily farm chores, but I got a wake up call when I was giving a  young woman a tour and she commented on the beauty of our bed of little purple flowers.  She was right, it was lovely but I would rather have had my bed of spinach than the hedge of geranium weed.


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