This week I was out cutting lettuce when my cell phone started to vibrate.  I wiped the dirt off my fingers, whipped out my phone and fought the sun’s glare to see who was calling (and to see  if they were important enough to further interrupt the lettuce harvest).  Strangely, it didn’t seem that anyone had called.   I stuck the phone back in my pocket and scanned the local flora for possible hallucinogenic plants that might be manipulating my senses.   A moment later I heard and felt the vibration again.  This time, however, I felt myself grinning broadly as I watched the yellow and black cell phone impersonator buzz from one broccoli flower to the next:  a mighty bumblebee!  I took a moment to watch madame bee improbably maneuver her oversized body from bloom to bloom.  It is a glorious spring!

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