Our farm is relatively small and a bit oddly shaped.  The cultivated area of the field is long and narrow and we are surrounded by a ring of shrubs and trees like red maple, pine, chinese tallow, and camphor (the latter two being quite invasive, unfortunately).  Each season we have to do some work to keep this circle of trees, bushes and vines at bay as they are apparently unconcerned with the importance of my farming endeavor.  This week I was weeding between cucumber plants and a number of the weeds were little red-stemmed spindles sporting a tiny pair of  trident leaves:  a baby maple tree!  Just a few weeks ago we had a wonderful time as a family gathering the little rose-colored “helicopters” and then letting Olivia stand on the car and shower us with the flying seed pods.  I paused in the field and looked about and was strangely happy to know that if I stopped farming right then it would not take but a few months and the “wild” plants would move in and reclaim our little plot of land.


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