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What a treat to live with a farmer!  It’s easy to endure the heat when beautiful food and flowers surround our home.  No matter the petty frustration of the day, when Brian walks in with a jar full of flowers, it’s hard not to appreciate all the work.  This week I savored sauted squash with fresh basil, kale chips (4 bunches!), fresh-dug potatoes with green beans, Brussels sprout greens and potato soup, and a pasta/veggie stir fry… MMMM!   Also fun is to harvest volunteer (rogue?) vegetables from around the farm — dill and swiss chard from seasons past that pop up here and there have been my favorite.  And there is particular joy in plucking ripe sun-gold tomatoes from their much-loved (staked, twined and pruned) vines – watching as Olivia plays an inspiringly healthy version of chubby bunny.  Abigail made her mark this week as well picking a kale plant bare into her cup and rendering a few snapdragons helpless.  Though Brian occasionally speaks of the impending doom of stink bugs and downy mildew,  and I often ask, “where have all the weeders gone?”, there is inspiration surrounding us and I am grateful.  Our moments all together on the farm are few, but one that will remain a highlight for us was witnessing the caterpillar’s journey.   You’ll remember Brian sparing a few and Olivia watching as they cocooned on our dining room table.  Well, one day we walked in and there were big black swallowtail butterflies with iridescent blue spots!  Just like that!  It was an honor to escort them outside in plastic clam shells and release them together in the flower bed as Abigail waved bye-bye.  I like creating sacred moments – that one was just too easy.


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