The Green Monster

I’ve said it before, that while it is an unbounded joy to nurture and grow healthy food, it is an even higher level of happiness to get to eat the bounty that comes about from all the blood, sweat and compost that we pour into producing it.  Well, that higher level gets bumped up a couple notches when you can share the harvest with your family.  This could not be better illustrated than on Wednesday when my somewhat finicky little girl, Abigail, helped me down an entire plate of arugula (pronounced in adorable toddler-speak as “ag-oo-ru-la”), aided only by a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar.   Many of you know that our agoorula has a good helping of spiciness to it, too, so it was pretty impressive to see our 22-month old fill her mouth to capacity, then smile jubilantly to show her chlorophyll-painted teeth.  I love the stuff, but if I eat that much at once it makes my eyes water like I’m watching “Titanic”.   I’m not exactly a marketing wiz, but I bet if we emblazoned the green-toothed Abigail image on the bag we could sell a serious quantity of arugula. (check out the Happy Herbivore below!)
IMG_2108.JPG                                                          IMG_2106.JPG

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