Three Little Pigs


During the summer (you remember those long, hot, steaming, sweaty, skin-baking months of summer?) we are asked frequently if we are going to be at market.   This is my opportunity to explain the growing season of North Florida and that, although we could be growing eggplant and okra, this is the time in an organic system to let the soil (and the farmer’s family!) rest.   We get started planting seeds again at the end of August and have been working like busy beavers since then tilling, planting, shoveling, bug-squishing…..And now the glorious reward:  Harvesting!  So it has been more than a few shakes of a pigs tail since we have been at market with our delicious veggies, but we are very happy to be back!
Hey, speaking of shaking a pig”s tail (I got an “A” in forced transitions in school)  we had a pretty strange encounter on the farm yesterday.  Our wonderful new intern, Chris, and I had just finished our day of work and were heading inside when I glanced toward the chicken coop and saw three dark specters silently milling around in our sweet potato patch.  Our farm is not exactly way out in the countryside (just ten minutes from downtown) so we are not accustomed to seeing a heard of  wild boar traipsing through our land. It took my brain a few seconds to realize what these creatures were and, although they were really beautiful animals, I knew they could make short work of our farm if they were so inclined.  So Chris and I, armed with no more than a handful of broken sweet potatoes to use as projectiles, valiantly chased our porcine invaders off our land.  Incidentally, these guys weren’t sporting tusks so I’m not sure if they are just wandering piggy pets or menacing wild boar.  For the sake of our bravery lets call them wild boar………(check out the pics below, there are two pig pics and one just of our garden

I think the smart pig is in the middle....



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