A Fine Straw Hat


Our venture here at Down to Earth Farm is a small one in many ways, but it is also somewhat rare if not unique in our community. As such, we have experienced a bit of media interest in our four years. We have been in the Times-Union, PBS, in a University of Florida journal called CALS connections, and one 10th grade English report (no New York Times, you ask? Not yet!). We have handled it all well, considering that we lack even the most basic in media consultants. All in all, it is nice to have free advertising for our veggies, even if there is the the occasional inaccuracy (The T-U article mentions, “….rows and rows of …..bok choy and strawberry seedlings ensconced in a mixture of newspaper and mulch, not soil” Not soil?) The most thorough article was the one done by a woman from the University of Florida. We spoke on the phone several times, exchanged email and then finally she came to the farm for a few more questions and a photo shoot. The last part, the photo shoot, was not a small endeavor. She must have wandered the farm for an hour taking photos of every row of veggies, and then caught me “in action” a good number of times. I even posed on the tractor. I am not a terribly vain person. My hairline had receded half way up my dome even before I could legally drink alcohol, so vanity might be a bit misplaced . However, when I got the article and saw the only accompanying photo, I was taken aback. (Scroll down to see the photo, or here for the whole article with photo). At first I found it odd that she left my face out completely, but then I realized, ” Hey, that is a mighty fine lookin’ straw hat!”

Speaking of Media–check us out on Facebook. We have finally hopped on board the social media bandwagon, so come on over (digitally, that is) and say hello!


One Response to “A Fine Straw Hat”

  1. Debbie Renfroe Says:

    Definitely a nice hat. :) When I saw this picture I immediately thought of it as a Norman Rockwell-worthy picture depicting farming in the 21st century. Love it!

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