Eat My Cutworms….Please!

The robbins are here!  I had an inkling that spring was getting close, what with the 82 degree days and all, but the party like atmosphere of hundreds of chirping and hopping robins has to mean that the long, hard three days of winter are finally over.  Since they are here I was hoping that, besides pecking the mess out of my strawberry patch, they could do something a bit useful in exchange for my hospitality.  On Tuesday I was wandering the rows and stumbled upon a massacre. “Egads!” I exclaimed. Nothing gets my goat more than those most odious of lepidoptera larvae:  cutworms!  These little gluttons will chop down an entire plant in a single night, decimating entire beds of veggies.  And as I have written about before, there really isn’t much in the organic tool box to handle them effectively. So, hopefully our little bastions of Spring, the robbins, will do the right thing and gobble those little monsters up!  Below is a picture of a handful of cutworms (chicken treats!) that I harvested in about 5 minutes of digging in our kale patch, along with a sad photo of a chopped down plant.  I threw in a happy healthy transplant photo just so you wouldn’t end the email depressed :)ImageImageImage


One Response to “Eat My Cutworms….Please!”

  1. Samantha Says:

    You know if I hadn’t seen this post, I wouldn’t have known what a cutworm looked like. I’m pretty certain I found some of these in my yard when I was digging up some weeds this weekend! Hopefully yours are gone/under control so yummy veggies can keep growing!

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