What’s cuter than a baby bird…..5 baby birds!

Our harvest days find us splitting our time between the field where we are lovingly plucking your veggies from the earth, and between our newly-built wash station where we bunch, rinse and bag the weekly goodies. Depending on the time of year, it can be a nice break or a real drag to spend much time in the wash station preparing 50 bags of arugula (for example).. Usually if it is really cold, immersing your hands in frigid wash water until they acquire the color and dexterity of frozen sausage links, is not my absolute favorite pastime. When it is hot outside, its nice to get into the shade for at least a tiny respite. Our wash station is essentially a simple pole barn that we finished about 4 months ago. I am quite proud of the little building that Chris and I put together, as construction and carpentry are not my forte. The ultimate affirmation for the skill of our construction was given by a kind creature who liked it so much, she decided to raise her children in it. The little babies are only a few days old, and can’t be more than three inches long. They seem to have a voracious appetite, and despite being a hair smalller than my big toe, they let mom know they’re a bit peckish by emitting a wail that would definitely make my little screamer, Abigail, envious. Check out the photo of the little darlings that Chris snapped below. The other is a photo of the first ever DTE scarecrow that Chris lovingly assembled (he seems like he just wants a hug, doesn’t he?)

Sweet baby birds…..alternate from cute baby birdies to obnoxious squawkers every 15 minutes or so…


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