“No thank you daddy, you go ahead.”

Rain-drizzled and cool Fall Greetings!

I am forever trying coax my girls out into the field to enjoy that fact that they live on a farm.  While that fact would not be interesting or unique over most of U.S. history (Over 30% of the population lived on farms up until 1930),  saying that you live on a farm these days is on statistical par with having naturally red hair or being able to stick your ankles behind your ears (Ouch!)   In fact the farm population of our once overwhelmingly rural nation is now less than 2%.     Unfortunately,  citing population statistics for my girls doesn’t  often convince them how special their circumstance is (and how really cool their farmer dad is!).  What I did discover is that the right incentive is needed to get them out there.  Up until recently in the season my only option to entice them into the garden was the opportunity to pull weeds or water the greenhouse.  (Its surprisingly cute  when my two year old shoots me down with a  “No thank you, Daddy, you go ahead” or “I’ll be fine in here” when I suggest that we should go out into the garden).  But when garden delights like sungold tomatoes start to ripen or that zesty sorrel patch gets full, my little ladies are all about the farm.   So, it is finally harvest season and my girls are at least slightly more interested in the plants (and potential snacks) growing outside–they will happily leave all the weeding and watering to dad.

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