Keep it Interesting…


I have been asked a few times recently if I am trying anything “new” or “exciting” at the farm this season. It is a great question and it always comes up in my own mind as I drool over the sensuously colorful seed catalogues that show up this time of year. Each season we try at least a handful of new varieties to add a little (extra) spice to our farm life. This season we had the luxury of growing the rather space intensive delight, snow peas, for the first time thanks to a neighbor’s kindness in letting us use his land. We are also giving purple cauliflower a shot as well as a headlong and foolhardy attempt at our first winter cut flowers (snap dragons). Just watch our market table to measure our success on those endeavors. Intern and herbal guru, Nicole, has been advocating for expanding our offerings of medicinal and culinary herbs. She is educating me as we go, as I know very little about these more exotic herbs. In fact, I keep asking her to repeat the plant names as she’s extolling their virtues: “what’s it called, gerbil?” “no, its chervil,” she patiently replies, “and its great for your digestive system” “Well,then” I respond, “rock on!” Needless to say, I’m convinced. But now I have a question for you, gentle reader, what would you like to see Down to Earth grow? This is not a rhetorical exercise– it would be great to hear from you folks what (legal) offerings you would like to see at market. Respond via email or that up and coming social networking site: Facebook


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