The Carrot That Started It All


I have been asked on occasion about how or what on my life path led me to become a farmer.  The full answer is probably too long winded  but there is one moment that stands out the most on our journey.   Many moons ago, Kristin and I were on a retreat in the picturesque town of Stanfordville, NY and as part of our time we visited a one-acre CSA farm called Sisters Hill Farm.  It was my first ever trip to a farm (apart from childhood blueberry picking) and the rows and rows of vibrant and meticulously cared for veggies enthralled us.  Its hard to remember all the ways I was moved as we  were shown around the enormous garden, but I knew I was being exposed to wonderful things that I never really considered, and I was quite sure that if I had considered them that I wouldn’t have believed they could be so wonderful. Among the things that were most amazing were the farmer, Dave, who showed us around his farm with a joy and pride that was infectious. (“Excuse me, but are you really THAT happy?  Seriously?”) But of all the wonders that Farmer Dave showed us, the moment that he pulled a gleaming carrot out of the dirt  I was spellbound.  We were in a small group, but I had no shame in asking if I could have the single carrot that he  magically pulled out of the ground.  After a thorough 3 second cleansing on my pants, I munched on what might as well have been the first carrot I ever ate.  In fact I think it may not be too overstated to say  that simple organic carrot fed and nourished me for about five years before we planted our first seeds at Down to Earth Farm.  Imagell

2 Responses to “The Carrot That Started It All”

  1. Steve Booth Says:

    Those are some gorgeous carrots! What variety are they?

    • downtoearthjax Says:

      You know I’m not positive anymore, (its been awhile) but I get my seed from Johnny’s and they are probably napoli.

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