Worm Tales


I think that it is often surprising to  discover what will bring joy as a parent.  Of course seeing my eldest daughter Olivia as the cutest pony in her school’s dance recital made me ecstatic (she was so believable!).  But I was less prepared for the marvel of little Abigail running to me, exclaiming, “Daddy, see my new friend!”.  And who was this kind soul that built a relationship with my three-year-old?   An earthworm!  Abigail was helping Kristin plant a decorative palm by our greenhouse when “Wormy” wiggled out of the dirt right into Abigail’s heart (figuratively, of course!).  Although it was love at first sight, their BFF  status was at times uncertain because Abigail kept screaming and dropping Wormy because she perceived him as “slimy”.  In fact, the periods of blissful communing between girl and worm only lasted for increments of  five seconds….”I love him….EEEEEEEEK….I dropped him!”   Followed by, “Daddy, will you pick him up?”  “Sure, just let me get my camera first”  (Abigail and Wormy are posing below:)Imagetale

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