Brian and Kristin started Down to Earth Farm in November of 2007.  The decision to purchase 2.5 acres on the Westside came after years of feeling called to the sustainable food movement. We chose our hometown of Jacksonville to try this venture because years of poor development have left it nearly devoid of agriculture.   We are committed to growing our veggies sustainably – meaning that we use cover crops and composted animal manures for fertilizers, use no synthetic pesticides, and practice crop rotation to improve the soil and fight bugs and disease.  All of our planting, weeding and bug squishing are done by hand.  We are not certified organic but feel that it is better to allow folks to visit the farm and see for themselves how their food is grown as opposed to relying on labels and stickers.  We have only been at this for a little over a year but we have had a tremendous time so far.  Learning to grow veggies organically is an art form that can vary from climate to climate and backyard to backyard.  We have found our little piece of earth to have wonderful energy and ability to give life to plants, but it also (unfortunately) has presented many challenges such as caterpillar invasions and flooding.  There is constant opportunity for learning and we’ll share that process with all who are interested.  It is an honor to grow food and help in a small way to feed our community.  We are excited that awareness of organics and local food has grown so much in our city and we thank you for your interest!


10 Responses to “About”

  1. Kevin Powel Says:

    c/o Brian Lapinski
    Hey buddy, its been a while. Caught up with scott senkowski on facebook and he told me about your garden so i looked you up. Amazing idea for a business. I actually planted my first garden this year with my kids. Not as easy as i thought but a lot of fun. I see your at the RAM on weekends. Try to make it up there to see ya, but if not shoot me an email. I would love to come see the farm. I still live in Murray hill so im right around the corner. Hope all is well. KP

  2. Dave Says:

    Hi. I ran into you guys at the Riverside Arts Market. The lettuce and carrots were great. I’d like to visit the farm. It sounds cool. Do I need to make an appointment? Thanks

    • downtoearthjax Says:

      Hi Dave,

      We would love to have you out to the farm, but we do need a heads up when you want to come out. Just send me an email to downtoearthjax@gmail.com with a time that you would like to visit. Look forward to showing you around! Brian

  3. Katelyn Says:

    HI!! I have known about your wonderful little farm for a while now- thanks to RAM- but hadn’t looked you up until now. I was the pesky young woman photographing your little Abigail at Saturday’s market. I started eating a plant-based diet two months ago and that opened up a whole new world to me and sparked my interest in local, sustainable farming. I was given Animal,Vegetable,Miracle for my birthday on Monday and have nearly finished it…. and now I am itching to learn more about such things.. I am hungry for knowledge. I would love to visit (and of course, photograph) your little farm. Do you accept volunteers? I work and live with a group of intellectually disabled college-aged students and this would be a great way for them to learn and volunteer. Please feel free to contact me if this could happen- we would love to help!

  4. My Life In The City » Blog Archive » RAM: A Bridge to a Better Weekend Says:

    […] Grass Dairy or some British meat pies (try the steak and kidney). Be sure to visit the booth of Down to Earth Farms. This outfit is run by some very cool folks, Brian and Kristin, at a two-and-a-half acre farm in […]

  5. Anthony Moore Says:

    Do you sell your veggies like collards and cabbage etc? I would love to purchase.
    Could you provide a list of all of your produce as well.

  6. Kate Tyler Says:

    Hello my name is Kate Tyler and I am currently a student in UF’s Ag Communication and Education department. I am interested in doing a news story about the farm that you have started for the CALS Connection newsletter. I would love to set up an interview with you in the near future if possible, however I know you are in Jacksonville. If we could set up a phone interview that would be great, or as a last resort I can do it through e-mail, it is up to you. I am very excited to learn more about you and your business. Please email me back at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your time.

    Kate Tyler
    Ag Communications and Leadership Development

  7. Emily Flecha Says:

    I am pleased to have found Down to Earth Farm! I first heard about Down to Earth from one of my co-workers. I would love to come visit your farm and learn more about the methods and practices of organic farming. I am extremely excited that there is an organic farm in my hometown. I look foward to meeting you and getting involved. Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Emily Flecha

  8. Linda Says:

    Where are you located. New to area

    • downtoearthjax Says:

      Hey Linda,

      You can find our booth at the Riverside arts market on Saturdays 10-1 or at the Beaches Green Market in Jarboe Park (Neptune Beach) from 2-5pm. Our farm is on the the westside though it is not regularly open to the public

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