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Teens who care?

March 11, 2012


Some of you who actually read this overly long email each week (Hi mom!), may remember a message i wrote about some wonderful school kids from the River City Science Academy that came out to the farm a couple of years ago. Well, for those who have not committed the illustrious history of Down to Earth Farm to memory you can check out this post titled Free Child Labor (you have to scroll near the bottom). In short, we were privileged to host a gaggle of teenagers filled with fun spirit, healthy curiosity and a strong work ethic (yes, teenagers!) who did a tremendous amount of work on our farm. Well, those kids amazed me back then, but I discovered that they and some of their classmates have continued to move up the Amazing scale quite a few notches. Very few of us in this country, much less our teenagers, are concerned about where are food comes from. Food magically shows up in grocery stores, and our only concern is getting the right toppings on our frozen pizza. Well, some students at River City Science Academy have thought deeply about their food and decided that it is important that the people that grow and harvest our food are treated fairly. They are joining up with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) as part of the Fast for Fair Food which will culminate in a march with the farmworkers in Lakeland over the weekend. Please check out the CIW website and scroll down to read the students’ beautifully written Statement for the CIW. Thank you to all who are in this struggle and to these special teenagers for the hope they give us!