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Whether You Weather the Weather

April 17, 2013


I try not to use this weekly message to talk too much about the weather, as it is not the most riveting of topics.  But truth be told, I sure do think about it a lot.  And while there is (as of yet!) nothing I can do to change it, there are a number of little things we can do to prepare for extreme weather.   The cold snap that we felt last weekend actually went all the  way down to 22 degrees out here on the Westside.  In anticipation  we ran around and covered everything we could, even putting two layers of cloth on some of our most sensitive plants.  We also  ran a little heater in our greenhouse (where our baby tomato plants are), and we ran our irrigation to keep the ground as moist as possible, which holds slightly more warmth than dry soil.   Come Monday morning we were able to see that much of our work paid off, as some of our early spring crops, like squash and sunflowers, survived.  Others, like our Swiss chard and long stemmed marigolds shriveled  like a summer snowman.   These unnecessary deaths (and future boring emails about the weather) can all be avoided if everyone pitches in to build that 2.5 acre biodome I’ve always wanted.  Make checks payable to Olivia Lapinski……….